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Museum Happenings

Discover the big art in these small museums.

Wichita Art Museum
Wichita, Kansas
Photo: Wichita Art Museum

What’s Up at WAM

As the largest art museum in the state of Kansas, the Wichita Art Museum houses one of the country’s finest collections of American art, spanning three centuries of painting, sculpture, works on paper, and decorative arts. Masterpieces by Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, Horace Pippin, Edward Hopper, and Charles M. Russell are among the nearly 7,000 works in the permanent collection. Additionally, an important and expanding glass collection is a significant component to the overall collection.


The Museum features a family-friendly interactive area called The Living Room where visitors can create their own works of art; a unique Museum Store featuring one-of-a-kind jewelry, and a selection of children’s gifts and work by area artists.


Now get out your crayons…Google has teamed up with the Wichita Art Museum to present their annual Doodle 4 Google contest and this year and in addition to some great prizes, local students will have the chance to see their artwork hang alongside the masters in WAM’s galleries. Doodle 4 Google is one of several efforts by Google to encourage and celebrate the creativity of young people by asking students to create their own Google doodle. The theme this year is “If I could travel in time, I’d visit…” Doodle 4 Google gives students a blank canvas to harness their curiosity and imagine the past, present, and/or future anywhere in the world.


After all the doodles have been submitted to Google, a team of Googlers and guest judges choose the top doodles. The winner will be showcased on and local finalists will have their doodles displayed in WAM’s galleries this summer for their friends, families and the public to admire!

Photo: Wichita Art Museum

Art for the POPulation

The Living Room's exhibition entitled, Make It POP! is a tribute to “Pop Art”, the movement that first became established with artist and cultural icon, Andy Warhol.


Visitors of all ages will enjoy images of famous works of Pop Art, an interactive Brillo Box sculpture section, a disco ball, comic book illustrations and an instant image camera to capture visitors’ “fifteen minutes of fame”; among other iconic pop culture images.


Pop Art is a style of visual art that emerged during the 1950s and 60s. It challenged traditional views of art by using mass-produced images and objects to create art. Moving away from elitism in art, Pop artists used popular culture and mass media as the basis for art creation. Make It POP! is an exhibition with a pop culture twist that will keep everyone excited about art.


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Portland, OR Children’s Museum
Portland, Oregon
Photo: Courtesy of Portland Children's Museum

With a tagline of “The Museum That Doesn’t Act Like A Museum,” you can expect this place to be a haven for children to explore, play and discover whatever they encounter. 


The exhibits inspire the imagination in all of us. Kids of all ages can dig, create, construct,  and role-play in a variety of settings like a construction site, pet hospital, garage and theater, just to name a few.  Portland Children’s Museum was founded by visionary Dorothea Lensch in 1946 as part of Portland Parks and Recreation. The Museum is now the sixth oldest children’s museum in the country and each year the Museum welcomes more than 316,000 children from birth to age ten and their caregivers.


From September 23, 2012 through January 21, 2013, Chagall for Children exhibit adds new dimension to fourteen of Marc Chagall’s works.  A multi-sensory experience awaits as visitors participate in  hands‑on activities in a variety of media.  Art principles of color, composition, light and texture are introduced in unforgettable ways.  Many stations are accompanied with audio descriptions, highlighting information about the artwork upon which the interactive is based.

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4015 SW Canyon Road | Portland, OR 97221